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Alicia Caldwell

Executive Director





High Point, NC

A Bit About Me

I'm here, on this day and on this path, by the grace of God. My family's medical history is devastating.  It is rife with chronic disease, too many hospital visits and premature deaths...but, God! As a student of history, I appreciate the premise of learning from our history to not repeat its tragedies.  Yet, I did not get the lessons being taught by the journeys of those I lost until I was in a hospital (SAVED BY GRACE), from a stroke, at 37 years YOUNG! Tragically, my family's story is not an aberration. It's almost par for the course, in my community.

I am currently pursuing my Master of Public Health Nutrition.  I say that to say two things: I know that traditional education is important; and, I am dedicated to LIVE Better enough to work as hard as possible to increase my knowledge to further my cause and purpose.  With that said, I believe nothing surpasses my health journey nor my testimony in dictating how effective I can be in advocating for the health of my community.


It is my sincerest pleasure to serve you!


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