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With the Generational Health Initiative, LIVE Better has identified many opportunities to promote its foundation--that it is never too EARLY nor too late to learn health behaviors to help you LIVE Better.

Next Gen Kids is a nutrition initiative aimed at youth, ages 6-17, to learn more about healthy cooking. 

CDC studies (on the impact of cooking classes on school-aged), show that cooking initiatives, classes and opportunities have a positive influence on children's food-related preferences, attitudes, and behaviors. The numbers on childhood obesity and their indication of the risk future chronic illnesses, dictate that we do all we can to arm them with the tools and the knowledge to not just help them eat better, but LIVE Better, longer lives and pass their life-saving knowledge on to the next generation!  Then, they too, can invest in Generational Health.

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Who is Chef Noa?

LIVE Better would like to introduce, Chef Noa. We recently contracted her to be the Culinary Ambassador for Next Gen Kids. She wants you to know these things about her:

Name: Noa (West African origins, meaning "to cook")

Age: 10

Favorite color: GREEN, of course! (the color of her favorite veggies...her words, not ours)

Favorite activity: telling anyone who will listen that it is never too late, nor too early, to learn how to cook healthy foods

Her "Why": "When I learned about cooking and how fun it was to try new things, and how good many healthy things tasted, I wondered how many kids my age knew! Then, when I heard about Next Gen Kids, I knew this is how I would tell all of my friends that cooking is fun and I knew just the people that could teach them!" ~Chef Noa

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