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Senior Nutrition

LIVE Better's Generational Health purports that you are never too young or too old to learn good health behaviors.  Our efforts to amplify that sentiment led to create Next Gen Kids for "never too young," and Senior Nutrition for older adults.  Seniors, as they are often referred as, are a vulnerable population that needs intervention to ensure their health knowledge and behaviors adapt to their changing health needs, as they age.

What We Provide
Senior Nutrition Education


MyPlate is a visual reminder to make healthy choices from each of the five groups. offers tips and resources that support healthy dietary patterns.  The graphic is an update to the 1992 Food Pyramid created by the USDA, as adapted from the 1974 version, created in Denmark.

Just like the changing needs through a human's life cycle, MyPlate also changes to more specifically apply to the needs for each life cycle.  Here is 1 rendering of MyPlate for older adults but click below to be taken to the official government site for more information.

Aging is inevitable.  Decline is optional.

What do you choose?

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