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About LIVE Better, Inc.

A Passion. A Purpose. A Mission.

In 2019, a Health Fair at a local church gave birth to the idea of LIVE Better. Community groups, organizations & businesses gave of their time & resources to help bring our founder's passion for her community & her cause to High Point. The response of those in attendance would not let the mission--whose reach & impact exceeded all expectations--end with one event. Continued support, guidance & need made LIVE Better happen and, most importantly, FLOURISH!

Our Mission

LIVE Better aims to impact community health by providing services and programs to inform and educate on the correlation between health behaviors and health outcomes.

Generational Health2.png

Our Vision

Bettering Lives Through Health Literacy

Our vision of Generational Health simply asserts that you're never too young nor too old to learn better health behaviors.  We have designed and will continue to incorporate and innovate to bring programs, services and resources to help the High Point community and beyond better the health themselves, their families and generations to come!

We want to impart the message that some health outcomes may be unavoidable but do not have to be a death sentence.  Because when we know better, we can do better and most certainly LIVE Better!

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